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Enjoy your sport. Achieve your goals.

Craig Hiscott

Enjoy your sport. Achieve your goals.

Craig Hiscott is an experienced tennis coach, athlete mentor and sportsman. He has worked with athletes and players of all ages and abilities – from casual to elite-level and professionals.

He has played tennis to county level, is a qualified tennis coach, a Black Belt in Judo, and has competed as a light-heavyweight boxer. Having coached tennis since the age of 17, Craig has increasingly adopted a 360-degree approach to the individuals in his care.

One of his proudest moments as a coach has been unlocking a young athlete from their anxiety about school exams. “Sport is first and foremost for enjoyment,” says Craig. “A few people will become full-time professionals – but we should never forget the sheer fun of the moment, the memories, friendships and experiences they have created – at the same time knowing that you have given yourself every chance of maximising your talent and potential.”

About Craig Hiscott and Baseline Performance

My goal is to help young athletes and their families set and achieve their own goals. You may want to get more enjoyment from a particular sport. Your goal might be to make the county team. It might be to win Wimbledon. Your aim may simply be to explore your potential – and allow the end-game to take care of itself.

One of the greatest difficulties for talented young athletes, and for parents – whatever the sport – is achieving that balance, whereby you give yourself the greatest chance of succeeding, whilst keeping all of life's avenues open.

I offer a range of sessions and techniques designed to help athletes and their families contend with the psychological pressures of performance, training, life/education balance, fitness and focus, goal-setting, and reflection. The natural outcome of the sessions I design is improved sporting performance – though I may take you on a different route to the one you assumed.

Performance stories

These are just some of the athletes I have worked with to help them set and achieve their goals in sport.



Semi-professional Jiujitsu

“You win, or you learn”

"Craig has helped me switch my thought patterns from a primarily negative and uphill struggle, to 'anything is possible'. He’s taught me that if I can manage and master my nerves then any endeavour is achievable. I highly recommend Craig as a mind coach – after every session I come out feeling a million dollars. He’s helped me understand the true meaning of ‘you win or you learn’. He really will give you that extra edge and in high-level competition, these small boons are paramount to a successful career as an athlete."



Elite gymnast

“The tools to find your own answer”

"Craig was recommended to us by a friend, when my teenage daughter Zoe, who is an elite gymnast, was having confidence issues. He worked with Zoe to build her self-esteem and give her the confidence she needed to make crucial decisions, particularly about an overseas scholarship. Craig never pushed a solution but gave her the tools to find the answers herself, so they became her decisions. I would thoroughly recommend Craig. He is incredibly passionate about all sports and through his own experiences can offer high level support to young athletes"



British Universities rower

“Immediate improvement”

"Within sport I’ve always had issues with nerves. The situation got to the point where it was limiting my performance as a rower. My coach suggested I get some help and, following sessions with Craig I saw an immediate improvement on and off the water. I went on to PB in my 2km Erg test, resulting in selection for the Durham University Boat Club eight that I’d coveted from day one. The highlight was winning a BUCS Gold followed by competing at Henley. I didn't realize the extent to which sports mind coaching can have an effect."

How I work

The first step is simply to meet and talk. I’ll discuss where you are in your sporting journey and look to identify – in broad terms – any concerns you may have about your ability to set and/or meet your goals.

If you have other coaches or mentors, I’ll have absolute respect for them, and would always work in consultation with them, or in complete confidence, depending on your wishes.

I’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire, and I will then come back to you with a tailored proposal for a session or sessions.

I offer:

I will:

For athletes

If you are struggling with defining just what it is you want out of sport, I can help you set achievable goals, and provide you with techniques to give you the very best chance of getting what you want.

For parents

As a parent, how do you help your child set sensible goals for their sport, and balance that with school-work and other activities? How do you best support your child in trial or competition situations – giving them the best chance of success, and protecting them from the possibility of disappointment? I can help you to help your child, using my extensive experience of working with young athletes.


There is never a single answer or formula when it comes to sport, exams, public speaking or any other situation in which pressure impacts on performance – whether it’s an elite competition or your driving test.

And no single coach or athlete has a monopoly on effective techniques or ideas. Fulfilling potential is a complex mix of talent, ambition, environment, upbringing, support networks, opportunity and yes – a bit of luck.

I’m constantly learning and absorbing new ideas. Here are some of the books I’ve read, and the people I’ve learned from on my sports journey. I’ve always believed in the maxim, ‘be generous with your ideas’. We’re all in this together.


Incognito, by research neuroscientist David Eagleman

“You are not perceiving what’s out there. You’re perceiving whatever your brain tells you.”


12 Rules for Life, by clinical psychologist and psychology professor Jordan B Peterson

“Rule 4. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday. Not to who someone else is today.”


Waking up, by philosopher and neuroscientist Sam Harris

“It can be liberating to see how thoughts pull the levers of emotions.”


Thinking Fast and Slow, by psychologist Daniel Kahneman

“Occasions on which he praised a performance were likely to be followed by a disappointing performance, and punishments were typically followed by improvement. But the inference he had drawn about the efficacy of reward and punishment was completely off the mark.”


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